Yacht Listing Type

Courtesy Record


  • Locked yacht record
  • Limited technical specification
  • Limited to a single From rate
  • Limited online brochure (3 photos)
  • Alternative ‘fully listed’ yachts offered to potential charter clients
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Premium Listing

From $778

Per Year
  • Fully unlocked yacht listing
  • Full technical specification details
  • Full unlimited rates details per area
  • Full online brochure and photo gallery
  • Full guest accommodation information
  • Direct brochure inquiries forwarded
  • Full yacht report ability
  • Printed in quarterly directory
  • Personal Central Agent contact details
  • Full availability calendar
  • Full back office reservation system
  • Retail yacht search on 100+ agency websites
  • Advanced XML agency website integration
  • Google AdWords linked to brochure
  • Search Engine optimised brochure
  • Instagram splash image with relevant hashtags
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