Central Agent Services

Fleet Management
The Central Agent fleet management console is the product of many years refinement granting access to fleet managers to view the entire fleet from a high level for general day to day management as well as incorporating high detail drill down for many of the yacht data points allowing the sort of refinement necessary in such a bespoke industry where no yacht is the same as another.
The Fleet Management console is elusively accessible by any yacht managers granted fleet editing permissions within the agency and allows the sort of user flexibility needed in companies that function in different time zones or from all under one roof.
Fleet Distribution
Fleets in Charter Index are distributed via professional subscription based services for Charter Brokers allowing them to do basic and advanced searches while sorting the results in order to quickly create short lists of available yachts that match the client requirements and gives the Charter Brokers the ability to compile brochure URL's and PDF reports to send through to their clients.
As well as the Charter Broker subscription system we provide various redistribution services via the advanced subscription based API service as well as the subscription based iFrame service which gives Charter brokers the ability to integrate a simplified consumer based worldwide fleet search engine on their own websites giving Central Agents and yacht managers confidence that the data is current on all websites being powered by Charter Index.
Reservation System
The reservation system is the most advanced built for purpose advanced bookings and calendar management system in the industry. 
A product of many years evolution working hand in hand with Central Agencies managing worldwide charter fleets form the low and high end of the market while making sure that the system can cater to all the different aspects of each charter and automatically work out the financial aspect of each charter as well as following up with the relevant Charter Brokers regarding deposits and balances owed.
This system has processed in excess of 250 million in charter revenue and provides an archiving and reporting service allowing Central Agencies to compile key 
fleet and individual yacht statistics and reports in CSV excel format.
Enquiry Routing
Take full control of the enquiry routing for each individual yacht in your system making sure that the right yacht managers are receiving enquiries on their direct company emails while copying in anyone else relevant so that Charter Brokers are getting through to the right person first time. 
Yacht manager also receive a 3rd party enquiry notification when a retail agent using the Charter Index system on their own website and or from sending out branded brochures with the enquiry form built in to it