Our Products & Services

Retail Agency System

The ‘Retail Agent’ / ‘Charter Broker’ system is a restricted access service provided to all subscribing companies who are involved in the retail customer facing luxury yacht charter market, allowing the database to be extensively filtered to provide the perfect yacht charter for the most discerning of customers

Industry News Feed

All the ‘Retail Agent’ / ‘Charter Broker’ and ‘Central Agent’ / ‘Yacht Management’ companies all enjoy the ability use of the Charter Index News Feed service which allows general industry notices, special offers and special requests to all be posted within the marketplace for everyone to see despite their subscription status

Central Agency System

The ‘Central Agent’ / ‘Yacht Management’ system is a restricted access service provided to all companies managing a single yacht up to the largest of fleets to manage the data within the B2B and B2C marketplace as well as engaging with ‘Retail Agents’ / ‘Charter Brokers through the Industry News Feed’

Reservation and Booking System

The reservation and booking system is provided to all companies paying for ‘full’ yacht listings in order to manage complex yacht charter bookings easily, though the specially designed user interface which is both intuitive and breaks down complex transactions in to more granular easy to manage processes.

Yacht Brochures

We provide the largest repository of online luxury charter yacht brochures in the world. Each brochure contains the highest quality photographs, detailed specifications and video content if provided which have the ability to be re-branded and route inquiries back to the ‘Retail Agent’ / ‘Charter Broker’ subscriber dealing with the inquiry.

IFrame System

The IFrame system is provided to all ‘Retail Agent’ / ‘Charter Broker’ subscribers, included within the original subscription fee. The IFrame service allows all ‘full’ yacht listings to be published on your website via the use of a simple link provided upon subscribing.


Yacht Charter API

The yacht charter API is provided to all ‘Retail Agent’ / ‘Charter Broker’ customers who subscribe to it, in order to make their customer facing websites as search engine friendly, by fully embedding all of the luxury yacht charter data under their own brand and URL while at the same time enjoying a cost effective search optimised dynamic marketing platform.

WordPress API Plug-in

We have developed and distribute a Charter Index WordPress plug-in which allows API subscribers to get up and running in a matter of minutes as long as their website is managed thorough the WordPress content management system including custom search optimisation management, branding colour choice and many other features