Premium Yacht Listings

Charter Index’s ‘Premium’ yacht listings include all of the ‘Full’ yacht listing features – but then adds the ability to reach potential charter clients via the cost-per-click Google AdWord marketing suite, of which we are a certified partner. It does this at the precise moment the potential charterer is searching for what your yacht is offering, via the internet.

This is achieved by reacting to a long list of specific ‘keywords’ which a potential charterer is likely to put into the Google search engine (including the description of the yacht’s operating area, type of yacht and charter rate etc.) before displaying your yacht advertisement. By this means, your advertisement is only likely to be displayed to those browsers to whom it should be of greatest interest. The AdWord service allows you to specify where the advertisement appears and on which relevant websites and in which geographical areas, giving you a very powerful and unusually cost effective marketing tool.

With the cost-per-click billing structure, you’re only charged when the potential client clicks on your advertisement, not every time your advertisement appears. This ensures that you are only charged when a conscious choice to access your advertisement has been made which then, in turn, allows us to see exactly how and where it’s working – and to build on that knowledge on your behalf while controlling the advertising costs within whatever budget you have chosen.

Charter Index AdWords

Attract more potential charter clients

Attract new viewers to your yacht’s online brochure, increase charter inquiries via yacht’s brochure, get your Central Agents’ phones ringing. Charter Index AdWords can help.

Advertise locally or globally

Target your ads to potential clients in certain countries – or within a set time period over the year, depending on your operating areas, seasons and availability.

Reach the right people at the right time

Your yacht gets found by people on Google, precisely and only when they’re searching for the things that directly relate to what you are offering.

No brochure views, no fee

You only pay when someone clicks your ad to visit your brochure, or calls you. In other words, only when your advertising is working.

Premium listings start from $778

Begin investing with the suggested minimum $450.00 per quarter budget (plus the mandatory Full listing fee of $328.00) and upgrade only if it’s working for you. Many yachts get off to a great start with this cautious first step.

Smart advertising placement

Your advertising can be customised according to the yacht’s operating area, targeting different markets if the yacht moves around during the year.