iFrame user interface now mobile friendly

In Charter Broker by Charter Index

The new iFrame service has landed and with it we have made lots of needed improvements to the service so all of our Charter Broker subscribers can enjoy embedding the service on their websites knowing that it will work properly for the end users no matter what device they are viewing it through.

The new completely responsive layout that is just at home on mobile devices it is on a high resolution display, serving up charter yachts to potential charter clients from all over the world through our white label https://yacht.link brochures which are fully branded with your company details and including the fully embedded enquiry form that directs all enquires to the selected recipients.

The iFrame service will continue being tweaked and improved over the coming months to include a few improved features as well as user interface improvements.

If any of our Charter Broker customers are wanting to know more about the technical aspects of integrating the iFrame on to your website and the different iFrame properties that can be used to achieve the desired result you can see more here.