Managing Reservation System Records

The Charter Index reservation system is completely tailor made from the ground up to make the management of complex yacht charter bookings easy, though the specially designed user interface which is both intuitive and breaks down complex transactions in to more granular easy to manage processes.

This system lets you take full control off all your incoming payments, charter notes, expiry dates, notification tracking, relocation fees and all extras that can be associated to a single charter booking in an easy user interface that makes the entire process intuitive.

We have seen many companies over the years trying to use 3rd party services designed for a completely different marketplace to try and manage their yacht charter fleet reservations and get themselves in to quite a mess which is why we invested so much in to producing what is the only reservation system fit for purpose.

On top of that, it’s provided as part of the management software suite when you list a yacht for $328 meaning there are no extra hidden fees!