Industry Associations


American Yacht Charter Association brokers are recognized worldwide for their professional knowledge, their high ethical standards and their sound business practices.The membership includes some of the most experienced brokers in the industry.

To be eligible and to remain a Member, Charter Brokers and Charter Managers must have a clear record of adherence to high ethical standards within the industry, excellent business practices and the reputation of a strong financial basis.

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Active members of the Charter Yacht Brokers Association specialize in arranging private yacht vacations in a variety of locations.

CYBA is a prestigious industry association of charter brokers founded over 30 years ago.

Always look for the CYBA logo, which identifies those brokers who are active members of the professional Charter Yacht Brokers Association.

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The International Yacht Brokers Association was created in 1987 to unite those engaged in the yacht brokerage business for the purpose of promoting professionalism and cooperation among its members; and to promote and maintain a high standard of conduct in the transacting of the yacht brokerage business.

Each member is required to abide by a code of ethics to protect the public against fraud, misrepresentation, or unethical practices in the yacht brokerage profession.

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Greek Yachting Association (GYA) is leading the initiative of charting these uncharted waters by safeguarding and guaranteeing the presence of every serious and highly professional commercial yacht in this side of the Med.

The founding members of GYA are Greek professional yachting companies which are involved in all fields of Charter, Brokerage, Management, Insurance and Construction of large yachts. GYA and its Members represent over 90% of the Crewed Charter Yachts in Greece under Central Agency Agreement.

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The Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association is a renowned professional organisation, founded in 1984, whose members are involved at all levels within the Superyacht Industry. Members of MYBA are widely represented in all fields of brokerage, charter,technical management and construction of large yachts.

MYBA guides its members on the highest ethical and technical standards, ensuring Corporate and Individual Members meet the requirements of the Rules of Conduct.

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