How The Online System Works

The Online search system has been designed exclusively for professional users and is therefore not cluttered with flashing banners, scrolling advertisements or multicoloured tables and displays.

It contains more comprehensive textual and photographic information on listed yachts than any other system – including dynamic rates and availability (bookings) data which is updated on an ongoing basis – and hundreds of high quality Electronic Brochures.

Users are able to gain immediate access to specific yachts or yachts represented by specific Central Agents. The database is fully relational and therefore searchable from almost every angle.

Industry Newsfeed

We are providing access to this amazing facility to all professionals in the charter industry (but only the charter industry) regardless of whether they are subscribers to or or any other system. The Newsfeed enables everyone to access, read, post and respond to news releases, special offers and requests for help and advice from other charter professionals all around the globe. It also announces newly listed yachts and provides ongoing time stamped bulletins on newly posted rates and availability.
You will therefore be able to announce things to the whole industry and read what anyone in the industry might want you to know – without restriction.

Any comments and responses to posts will result in an email being sent out from the system to notify all parties involved that there has been a response and they should check back to see whats been said.

Basic and Advanced Search Page

Users are able to specify precisely what they are looking for via the ‘basic’ or ‘advanced’ search engines. For example, if a client requests a non-smoking vessel with, a helipad, a satellite telephone, a certified dive instructor and a Jacuzzi on deck – the ‘advanced’ search engine will find the appropriate yachts available within the price range, without the user having to scan every possible listing.

‘Flexible’ date range searches allow you to switch from exact dates to various flexible date ranges enabling you to maximise the results without having to do multiple searches for each set of dates.

Results Page

The results page is one of the most intuitive designs around, automatically expanding and collapsing yacht records depending on what yacht information you hover your cursor over. This allows us to fit much more important information in one results page without cluttering it with unnecessary buttons and menus which will only show once you have decided that you want to mine deeper in to the specific yacht information.

The floating reports bar at the top also follows you down the page allowing you to always see which yachts you have selected during your search in order to compile the appropriate report for your charter prospect.

Yacht Brochures

We have a strict policy on using only the highest quality images on our brochures making them the best available for marketing reasons. There is nothing worse than sending a brochure to a client with very poor photographs to try and sell them a high price charter, it makes you look unprofessional and the product look bad.

Social media is here to stay and all of our brochures are designed to work well with the most popular social media websites allowing information to be shared in a controlled manner while never exposing anyone to information they should not be seeing.

We have also incorporated an advanced inquiry system enabling the brochures to pass on inquires to the retail agents that have posted them direct or direct to the yacht managers if they have chosen to market the yacht independently on other websites.

Courtesy Yacht Brochures

These scaled down brochures are provided by Charter Index as a courtesy to our retail broker subscribers, who need as comprehensive as possible a source of brochures representing the worldwide yacht charter fleet. They are provided in addition to the usual full scale Yacht Brochures described above.

These ‘courtesy brochures’ have limited amounts of technical, textual and photographic data and the consumer facing platforms on which they also appear do not feature an Inquiry mechanism. Instead, consumer browsers are offered appropriate alternative yachts which they are free to pursue with their charter inquiries.

Company Directory

The company directory pages are the only place you will find a concise list of Central Agents and Retail brokers as well as all of their contact details. We went one step further by adding everyone’s photos so you all know exactly who you’re talking to. We have all had those moments walking down a marina looking at someone approaching us wandering who on earth they are. This should help to make the yachting industry a simpler and more personal industry.

We also show you, in date order the NewsFeed posts made by the individual people or companies. This allows you to keep up to date with posts made by an individual or by a company in one place.

Personal Profile Pages

The Charter Index personal profile pages can be found easily by subscribers to the system, allowing you easily to find all the direct contact details as well as the person in questions role within the company they are associated to.

All Yacht Managers in the system will also have a full list of the yachts that they are the personal contact for so you can easily find all the information you need quickly and efficiently.

These personal profile pages let you see all of the posts by the user in date order as well as any of the responses to their posts so finding a post made a month ago is easy to do if you want to refer to anything.