About Charter Index Brochures

Charter Index maintains the largest high quality online directory of charter yacht brochures in the world. These industry acclaimed brochures contain textual information covering physical yacht specifications, crew, layout and accommodations, features and amenities and high resolution photographs (from 720P to 1080P) for each yacht.

We host the largest images of their kind on the internet, which enable us to scale the brochures responsively to suit whatever viewing device is being used. We also offer full video integration from either YouTube or Vimeo. Yacht videos are becoming a more regular feature on many brochures.

Charter Index brochures work very hard. They can be seen in branded form integrated into hundreds of retail charter brokerage web sites (see ‘Portals’) and individual yacht websites, as well as forming part of Charter Index’s own industry search engines. They are designed to be easily used and found by Google and regularly find their way to the top of Google’s results screens.

As promotional vehicles, they are not password protected. The widest possible distribution to the biggest possible audience (did we also mention that they are all translatable online into any of 66 languages?) is the objective.

Charter Index’s ‘Courtesy’ yacht brochures are only provided to complement the Charter Index’s ‘Courtesy’ yacht records. They have very limited technical data and image content. They are still capable of generating automatic inquiries to their respective Central Agent management companies but also offer 3 alternative ‘fully listed’ yachts as well during the inquiry process.